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4x4web used BFG All Terrain on its 110.

6 May 2011

The Fabulous new Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX

We've never known news of a brand new Cooper tyre cause such a stir and they're not even physically in our warehouse yet! They soon will be though and we now have customers awaiting their arrival. What is it that's so striking about the studdable Discoverer S/T MAXX?

Well, it's appearance for a start. The alternating hybrid 4-5 rib tread pattern gives a bold aggressive look, whilst providing enhanced on-road and off-road performances.

Then there's the unique, world-renowned 3-ply Armor Tek3 carcass with stronger than ever sidewalls and tread. The construction of this extremely durable tyre means it also has an enhanced cut and chip resistant compound as part of it's construction. In spite of it's tough 'take on all challenges' image this baby has been designed to provide remarkable on-road traction, stability and noise level.

Last but not least, the strategically placed ribs within the lateral grooves provide the Discoverer S/T MAXX with the ability to discharge stones and resist stone drilling - this feature, as every enthusiast will know, is on the list of 'must-haves' these days.

So why not add your name to the list and be one of the first to sport these fabulous tyres.

Sizes that are going to be available:

Sinton Tyres online ordering website www.tyrespec.co.uk or call us on 01908 665591/311515 for further information.

7 April 2011

Latest Cooper 4x4 news from Sinton Tyres Limited

One of the undoubted stars of the Cooper 4x4 stable that Sinton Tyres stocks is the Zeon LTZ (50% on-road/50% off-road) tyre. It is now firmly established as a state of the art, all-terrain pattern tyre which incorporates even treadwear features and reduced tread-related noise. We know from personal experience that these are no empty claims. It gives a superb, really quiet ride on the road and although not a winter tyre as such, performs very well in the snow as we found out for ourselves in December! The LTZ is a stunning all-round performer and enthusiasts who are used to more testing terrains are equally impressed. It's versatility and technical superiority are undeniable. When these tyres are put through their paces this tyre's response to rock climbing, soft mud and sand surfaces is fantastic.

If it's a chunkier mud pattern that you have in mind, then look no further than the Cooper STT with it's unique Armor-tek3 carcass construction which does the job when it comes to protection against impact breaks and bruising. This tyre is an outstanding 20% on-road, 80% off-road beauty with it's deep buttress lugs aiding soft surface traction whilst at the same time providing additional 'bite' in rock climbing conditions. Another important feature is the tapered stone ejectors which help prevent stones and other debris from lodging in the tread and therefore help to maintain a consistent performance.

Both of the above tyres have the all-important rim flange protector which helps minimise any damage in hazardous off-road driving conditions but also on a day-to-day basis helps to protect against kerb damage.

The Cooper Discoverer ATR had been a long-standing favourite with road users and 4x4 enthusiasts all over the world and continues to be one of our best sellers. This 60% on-road, 40% off-road stalwart of the tyre world deserves it's impressive reputation with the computer-aided mould design which provides a well-judged balance between even wear and handling characteristics. This tyre offers the reassurance of long, dependable traction in all weather conditions whilst it's zig-zagging tread has gripping edges which offer increased effectiveness.

For further expert information on any of the above or any of the full range of Cooper Tire products, which incidentally are now all 'HA Oil Free' to fully comply with European legislation, contact Sinton Tyres , the only Cooper Tire online retailer to offer the complete product range available to the European market in the UK. Call 01908 665591 or visit our website at www.sintontyres.co.uk.

Press release August 2005


255/55 HR18

4Site 4x4 Tyre Centres launched the highly successful General Grabber AT2 4x4 tyre back in 2004.

The AT2 is fast becoming recognised, as a real technological breakthrough for 4x4 owners requiring uncompromised road performance yet maintaining superb off-road ability.

The Grabber AT2 has already redefined the way that many predominantly on-road 4x4 users think about their vehicles. This is because the AT2 has all the features and benefits of a tyre that is capable of taking 4x4 vehicles across rough terrain, yet it also actually adds value to many drivers on-road motoring, which is where most 4x4 owners spend the majority of their time behind the wheel.

The design of the AT2 was extensively tested and researched before being finalised. It has been made to perform admirably and quietly on the road (reflecting its unique 130mph speed rating), ensure that drivers have the confidence to tackle even the most extreme terrain, and finally, enhance the styling and visual appeal of today's modern 4x4 vehicles.

Due to the nature of such a tyre, 4x4 owners running AT2's benefit massively from improved tread-life over pure road biased tyres as well as unbeatable resistance against damage and punctures. This makes the AT2 a financially sound purchase for anyone wanting to maximise their personal 'pence per mile' ratio.

In size 255/55 HR18, the AT2 will fit the BMW X5, P38 Range Rover, Discovery II, Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg as a direct replacement to the original equipment tyre. At last, owners of these 4x4's can exploit the full off-road potential of their vehicle.

The AT2 is the only new all-terrain tyre available in this important UK size. The range is being continually developed to bring out new fitments for modern 4x4 vehicles that run on large wheel rims, so watch this space!

You can call the technical helpline on 0870 9009 444 in order to discuss your 4x4 wheel and tyre requirements and to obtain details of your nearest 4Site 4x4 Tyre Centre.

Recipe for some great off road action;

BF Goodrich Event

Take a group of skilled & committed 4x4 crews. Mix in their top 4x4's with winches, mud terrain tyres, diff locks and bridging ladders. Fold that heady mixture into Parkwood's Off Road mixing bowl of razored rocks, gnarled trees, glutinous mud and vertigo inspiring slopes. Club Off Road chef than proceeds to stir and simmer the whole mixture under a sunny, regulo 6, sky to make a spicy challenge.

Two modified Mercedes G wagens and a Jeep muscle motor mixed it with the various Land Rover offerings. The Barry Stallard designed rock run is unique in this country. Offering a small taster of the Moab rock crawling experience it is nevertheless an experience not to be under estimated. Rock is as unforgiving as a crossed woman. Our tasks were all carefully designed to maximise pressure. E.g the rock run had penalties for any rearward motion though a stop was penalty free. Sounds easy? Only rock crawler motors with their ultra low gearing can pull that one off. A manual transmission, not quite enough momentum and a rock step spits you back whence you came. Too much momentum and metal contacts rock. Rock always wins. The rock run looked an easy loop with a semi steep finish. Only one motor, Steve Loyds G Wagen, cleared it. Doug Dransfields somewhat speedy attempt cost 2 half shafts and Darren McGuinnes popped a tyre off the rim. Low pressures are vital on rocks, bead popping is a possible side effect. Alan Wormalds Jeep had barely managed 2 car lengths before his axle tie rod sheared. Result? No steering lock. Tony Baskills normally smooth team work got a little out of kilter under the pressure of the millstone grit, co driver Dave Needham getting a little vocal as the G Wagen refused to go where it was directed. However some Land Rovers can hack it on the rocks, Karl Frost dropped just 5 points with his 90 starting a winning streak for the day.

After the rocks came the woods. Strict penalties for touching trees ensured a steady approach and an absence of any power advantages. Similar penalties on the use of winches made clear thinking and a good knowledge of snatch blocks and anchors a must to get good scores. Precision 4x4 driving was called for at all times ensuring co drivers had their work cut out. Drivers invariably get the credit for a clear run, co drivers tend to get the flak for a botched run, that's life in the challenge fraternity. Multi choice sections needed a clear head beforehand to ensure the right line is chosen. Once off the start line it's almost impossible to alter the pre chosen route an the team nee absolute conviction as to their 4x4's ability to clear the chosen gates. Not everyone got it right but everyone got a thorough work out. The tasks aren't against the clock in terms of speed but do have an overall time limit so there is little room for error.

In the midst of the August monsoons typical of this years weather we had a balmy summers day, sunlight dappling muddy motors underneath the tree cover. Around us were the massed ranks of BF Goodrich tyred 4x4's doing there own thing whilst we worked away on our own sections on the periphery. The levelling effect of identical tyres as well as the trees penalty ensured that the winners of this event were the teams who could get the best out of their 4x4's rather than a bash and crash approach. Land Rover once again took the top spot but the German G was nipping so closely on its heels that it would take a bucket of water to part them. All in all one of lifes better ways to spend a Sunday. The sweet for the days menu? A surprise free set of tyres for the winner, now that's what I call a pudding.
Brian Hartley

1st 495 pts. Karl & Dale Frost Land Rover 90
2nd 450 pts. Steve Lloyd/Lee Bond Mercedes G wagen
3rd 435 pts Doug Dransfield/Frazer Ellison Land Rover 90
4th 410 pts Martin Richardson/Giles Evans Land Rover 100"
5th 350 pts Tony baskill/Dave Needham Mercedes G wagen
6th 345 pts James Iball/Kingsley Iball Land Rover 90
7th 340 pts Alan Wormald/Richard Ibberson Jeep Wrangler
8th 270 pts Ivan Barrett/Steven Earnshaw Land Rover 90
9th 210 pts Darren McGuinness/Rob Gosemeiser Land Rover 90

Photos - Dickon Siddal


BF Goodrich All Terrains hit 120,000 miles

Land Rover Owner, Peter Ledger, recently contacted 4-Site 4x4 tyre centres to report that the 265/75 R16 BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres fitted to his vehicle had achieved an unbelievable 120,000 miles!!! As the UK distributors for BF Goodrich the 4-Site 4x4 tyre network has long been aware that this fantastic product offers durability and longevity that is matched by none, but at 120,000 miles even they were staggered. Alan Baldwin, director of Southam Tyres (who run the 4-Site 4x4 dealer network) commented, "This has to be some kind of record, perhaps the highest mileage ever recorded on a set of road-legal, domestic tyres in the UK" Unfortunately for BF Goodrich, it's impossible to have this kind of achievement recorded in the Guinness book of records because their stringent rules and regulations mean an adjudicator would need to oversee every mile the vehicle travels. However 4-Site 4x4 tyre centres say, it is not uncommon for customers to call us, and report 100,000 miles on a set of BF Goodrich 4x4 tyres.

Mr Ledger commented; "the tyres have been on the vehicle since it was manufactured in 1996, there is no doubt I will be replacing the existing tyres with BF Goodrich All Terrains". Alan Baldwin adds "The Land Rover 90 and its 265/75 R16 BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres have proved to be a fantastic combination, and unbelievably, even after 8 years of use the tyres still meet the minimum legal tread depth requirements. The BF Goodrich brand presents a classic "you get what you pay for" scenario. Superb performance and unbeatable treadwear from a top quality premium product".

The BF Goodrich All Terrain is available in a range of sizes to suit most 4x4 vehicles, to purchase your set call our team of 4x4 tyre experts on 0870 9009 444 who will put you in touch with your local 4-Site 4x4 tyre centre and answer any of your technical questions.

For further details on this product and for any other press information on Southam Tyres' products and services, please call Stuart Amos on 01926 816818, or email. You can also visit our website


For twenty years the BF Goodrich Trac Edge was Britains best loved off-road tyre, especially amongst the Land Rover fraternity. The Trac-Edge was the working mans 4x4 tyre. It was designed to cope with wet grass, mud and clay. It had to take batterings from pot-holes and sidewall impacts from disregarded rubble on building sites. It also had to perform well on the road and traverse the UK's motorways, wearing as slow as possible to maximise value for commercial users. For the farmer, it had to pull fully laden Ifor Williams trailers off wet fields. The Trac-Edge achieved all of the above and as soon as word got around, it seemed everybody wanted them fitted to their 4x4.

When the inevitable replacement tyre came it had a lot to live up to. How on earth could such a winning design be improved upon? Well it has been improved upon - and significantly so. Don't just take our word for it though. We have recently received this user-testimonial from one of our trade customers who wanted to put the all new Commercial Traction T/A through its paces and see how it performed under typical on and off-road conditions...

Steve Thomas, Manager of Swansea 4x4 and resident tyre expert for Bearmach Plc.

"I thought I would give you some feedback on the new BF Goodrich commercial Traction T/A.
On Sunday 3rd August I was involved in a Bearmach off road event at Taff's Well near Cardiff. The site is a woodland type, and included wet grass and clay slopes leading to water crossings amongst others. The vehicle I was driving was a 1987 Range Rover Auto, running a 1" lift on springs but otherwise standard with no axle diff locks etc.
I purposely stopped at the base of a long wet grass ascent to see if the 225/75 R16 BFG Traction T/A's would spin from a standing start, but they didn't. It was tested with both gentle acceleration and full welly - no problem. It also had no problems coping from grass to mud and then back again. In fact I noted that once the vehicle had travelled probably 30ft on grass that most of the mud had been evacuated from the vast majority of the tread. The next test was into a stream, up a mud bank and re- enter the stream and back out again. Again, no problems were encountered.
The final test was the descent of a clay bank of approx 50-60 degrees, into a stream and climb out over polished clay on the other side. This was managed with ease with only a small scrabble as the vehicle exited the other side over the polished clay. It was also interesting to note that an 88 V8 shod with 235/85 R16 Trac-Edge struggled a bit to exit at the same point.
Lastly, I can comment that the tyres were quiet on the road whilst travelling home.
I would describe the Traction T/A as being a very capable all-rounder, falling in nicely between the AT and MT, offering something for people who foray off-road; greenlaners and caravaners alike."

Available exclusively in the UK at 4-site 4x4 tyre centres

The Traction T/A features the highest standards of construction in 4x4 tyres to date:

1. An aggressive high-traction tread design with full width shoulder lugs and sidewall traction bars.

2. Dual compound tread with increased sipes for optimum wet-tarmac traction and long tread life.

3. Superb snow and ice performance with pre-drilled stud-holes.

4. Q (100mph) speed rating for assured all-round confidence on or off road. 8 or 10 ply tread for extreme durability and strength even in the most arduous off-road terrain.

5. Traction T/A is the perfect choice for users with requirements that fall between All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain applications.

This tyre is priced very competitively against alternative products & offers you fantastic value for money from the best 4x4 tyre brand in the world.

LT 235/85 R16 Land Rover 90/110 and All series LR's with 6.5"wheels.

LT 225/75 R16 205 R16 conversion for Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Classic, Early 90's and most pickups.

Words of Wisdom

Fitting the right tyres to your 4x4 is vitally important. At 4x4web we have two sets for our Land Rover Defender 110. BF Goodrich All Terrains that have now done over 70,000 miles and BF Goodrich Mud Terrains for the difficult stuff. The All Terrains were pretty good off road when they were new but as time and miles went by the ability to climb out of ruts decreased. The mud terrains are superb off road and good on road. Virtually no noise at 70 mph on the motorway, or at least nothing much you can hear over the general noise of a TDi diesel station wagon. I have heard many stories of some of the cheaper tires, "Great off road but like driving on ice on the motorway". You pays your money and your life depends on it. Our recommendations on buying tyres are: Drive safely but have fun.

Nigel Leak - Webmaster 4x4web

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